My week in sports #12

It’s been a long time since I posted an overview of my week in sports! I guess the whole corona situation has turned my rhythm upside down so much that the weeks just fly by without me actually noticing. For the past few weeks, I struggled with finding the motivation to go for a run and enjoyed cycling instead. To help myself, I started a new training schedule, focused on running a fast 5k. That means shorter runs and more challenging paces… And this was the past week!

Monday – 4 May

It’s Memorial Day in The Netherlands and that means the day ends with a 2 minute tribute to those who’ve lost their life, at 8PM. Out of respect, I stay home and watch the ceremony on television. To make sure my core can keep up with the new training schedule, I fit in a quick session.


Rest day in the schedule. Meh, I feel like I am doing so little these days! If it were up to me, I’d like to go out for some form of activity every day. To make sure I’ll be able to sleep in the evening, I go for a walk after work.


Yay there’s a training scheduled for me today! The scheduled run is a ‘long run’ of 30 minutes. Ha! Nice! Only a few weeks ago, a long run would indicate running 27K, and now it’s a little over 5K. It’s good though, as my motivation to go out for a quick run is present. To keep my brain interested, I decide to turn it into a pyramid run, as long as my heart rate stays in zone 2.

Type: ‘long run’
Distance: 5.36km
Duration: 30 minutes
Average pace: 5:36/km

Love it when the digits match up!


I can’t even remember when my last track training was, but I am SO looking forward to running track again! Oh my, are we allowed to go yet? I can’t wait! I want to go now! Okay well, not today. Apparently I need a recovery run from that long run yesterday, so the schedule tells me to do a 15 minute jog. I decide to head out the door at 7.15 AM and add a 4K walk, to make it a little more interesting. As I am not yet tired, I end the training with a round of core exercises. Maybe it’s time to start using a schedule for that as well…

Type: Easy run
Distance: 3K
Duration: 16 minutes
Average pace: 5:21/km


Running again :D. I thoroughly enjoyed getting up and running right away yesterday, so I’m out the door by 7.30AM today. The weather is great, and the park across the canal is very pretty in the early morning. Today’s training is a little more challenging, lucky me! I get to do 8 minutes in zone 1, immediately followed by 8 minutes in zone 2, which were followed by 8 minutes in zone 3. I noticed I struggled to run faster without breaks lately, as I’ve been training on interval basis a lot. I feel happy and proud that I completed this training quite easily and without any breaks.

Type: Tempo run
Distance: 5K
Duration: 26 minutes
Average pace: 5:22/km


No running planned, so I decide to grab my lovely new bike and head out the door for a solo ride. Usually I go with Wouter, but today I’m feeling like exploring the surroundings by myself. Bad idea it turns out! Wouter always checks the wind to make sure we start with head wind and end with tail wind. I didn’t… So that was a challenge getting home hahaha!

Type: easy ride
Distance: 28km
Duration: 1 hour and 3 minutes

Sunday – 10 May

Okay to be fair, that’s tomorrow so no knowledge about it just yet. I just know I will do an interval run alternating between zone 4 and zone 2. Wish me luck!

And your week? Do you have the time to workout in between other pressing activities?

Me at 7 in the morning – can’t even open my eyes properly!

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