I ran 100 days!

It feels like I committed to this challenge only a few weeks ago, but it has been over three months since I decided to run for 100 days straight. Today is the day: I ran 100 days! I ran many, many, many 2kms, but I also ran a half marathon. How do I feel after these 100 days, and maybe even more important: should I keep the streak going?

The physical effect

Let me say this: my body reacts quite well to running everyday, and the lack of pressure on the off-days keeps injuries at bay. It had made me feel like I can endure more than I could before the streak. Last year, I suffered from quite a few injuries, some bigger, some smaller. The irritated tendon in my right foot required me to keep a few months’ rest and I often suffer from mild cases of runners knee and a sore lower back.

Usually whenever I felt some pain somewhere, I pushed through it for the sake of the training schedule. I knew it would be better to take some rest sometimes, but I just didn’t want to. Before I started this streak, I was afraid I might step into the same trap with wanting to run everyday… But even I am surprised with the positive effect! Whenever I felt like I needed some rest, I just took it slow and kept it to a mere 2k. Totally fine.

Two weeks ago, I decided to run the Virtual SeaWheeze half marathon, hosted by Lululemon. I didn’t particularly train for longer distances, so I feared for the man with the hammer. But guess what? I ran in an easy pace (not checking split times, how relaxing!) and finished in a time I could only dream of two years ago. AWYEAH! And, no sore muscles whatsoever! I can only assume the structural training effort has had a positive effect on my body.

The mental effect

Before I started, I could not find motivation to run for the life of me. Cancelled races, cancelled vacations, cancelled track training, it all accumulated in a deep desire to just do nothing at all. And I did just that for a few weeks, gave my mind some time to adjust to the new reality. But at some point, I wanted to go out and do some sports again.

Without races to look forward to, I struggled a lot with keeping that motivation. I tried working on my 5k time, but whenever I had an off day, I would skip practice. Not the most productive way to go about it, I must say! And then the Runnersworld streak passed on my Instagram timeline.

Running everyday is the best way to stay motivated. Or maybe not even motivated, but dedicated at the very least. I got used to running every day before work. It cleared my mind and I loved the active feeling in the morning. Even if it rained, or if it was só hot, I enjoyed my morning runs!

Happy after every run 😊

Keeping the streak alive?

OOF that’s a tough one. I’d like to keep the streak alive because it has proven to me to be really helpful. And last week I really thought I would prolong it to running 365 days. Since a few days though, I feel the tendon in my right foot again. Last year (at this same camping), I ignored it and it landed me a few months of no running. Having that issue again would probably bum me out more than stopping the streak at 100 days. I’ll be training for a marathon soon (again, hoping we might be allowed to run one in 2021) and I want to be ready and rested. So I will stop the streak, but I will keep up running in the morning as often as possible. That might be the best compromise! No more running at this camping, but once we’re back in NL… who knows 😉

AWYEAH it’s done!

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