Am I really going to do this…?

The year is almost over, and most people use January to think about new goals, hopes and dreams. For me, a new goal has been forming for the past few months, and I am finally ready to share it with you.

I will be running a marathon in 2020.

There. Writing it down sends a pleasant shiver down my spine. Am I really going to do this? Run a full marathon – the whole 42.195k? I guess the answer is yes! And I’m excited!

Back in 2017, when I ran my first half marathon, I said to my dear friend Alexia that at some point, I would run a marathon. I had figured it all out: it would have to be 2020 (Gotta love symmetry in numbers). It would buy me enough time to run some more events, get hooked to running and it would coincide with me being 25.

And all of a sudden, 2020 is only 27 days away! On May 17, I will run the Copenhagen marathon. Funnily enough, my birthday is in June, so I will not quite yet be 25, but I figured I should not email the organisation and ask if the event can be pushed to July.

I am not sure if I will be ready for this marathon. I have run 13 half marathons, but I’m much better at the 10k events than the 21.1s. I’ll be training for it from 20 January onwards and hopefully, cross the finish line with a smile on the 17th. You can follow my journey through this blog, and if you have any tips – let me know! I can use all the help I can get 😉

I’ll be running a marathon!!!

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