My week in sports #1

I might not be running until the end of December for now, but that doesn’t mean that I am not working out at all! If anything, I am taking the chance to try out some new sports to build some strength and stamina for January. This is the very first journal entry of my week in sports!

Monday – 2 December

It was my dad’s birthday, so no workout for me today. I did make good use of the stairs at work, my watch tells me I walked up 23 flights of stairs. I’d say that’s a pretty good score!


On Tuesdays, I join the Supercycle class at SportCity. Most of the time it’s a group of men trying to stay fit for cycling season and it’s always a mood booster to join them in their enthusiasm and friendly banter.

Type: Interval Indoor Cycling on heart rate
Duration: 60 minutes including a few minutes of stretching afterwards
Distance: n.a.


Wednesday is Bootcamp Fight day! I love these bootcamp type of classes that include kicking and hitting a sand bag. This week, we pair up to motivate each other during the rounds of abs and boxing. Feeling revived afterwards!

Type: Kickboxing and abs
Duration: 55 minutes including a few minutes of stretching afterwards
Distance: n.a.




Usually, I would run a quick 5K in the morning before heading to work, but now I’ll have to find a new routine. I decided to hit the gym in the afternoon for a rowing workout and some core stability.

Type: Rowing and abs
Duration: 2x 15 minutes interval on the ergometer and 3 rounds of core exercises
Distance: n.a.


I am hesitant to go for a workout. I have been down with the flu two weeks ago and I noticed during the week that my energy levels are not yet fully recovered. Instead of taking a class that will push me to my limits, I decide to bring my iPad to the gym and go for a relaxed 45 minutes elliptical session while watching a Christmas movie. That felt great!

Type: Low intensity elliptical
Duration: 45 minutes
Distance: n.a.

Sunday – 8 December

I didn’t have anything scheduled for today, but yesterday’s session on the elliptical was so satisfying and pleasant for my muscles that I decide to do another 45 minute workout (not in the least because I want to finish watching the Christmas movie!). It was busy in the gym so I decide to end with some yoga and core stability at home.

Type: Low intensity elliptical and relaxing yoga
Duration: 45 minutes + 30 minutes yoga and core
Distance: n.a.

Looking back, it was a good week with some satisfying workouts. Happy to be getting back on track, being run down by the flu is not my favourite time of the year and it doesn’t necessarily make me a nicer person to be around hehe… I’m hoping my energy will continue to come back and hopefully next week will be even better than this one! I hope you enjoyed reading about my workout routine now that I’m not running. If you have any questions, let me know below or via Instagram!

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