My week in sports #4

I am running again! Not as much as I did and definitely not as fast (and did I mention it feels way harder?), but running nonetheless. As it’s key to be careful and sensible in building up kilometers, I also do some alternative training. Here’s my past week!

Monday – 23 December

Almost Christmas almost Christmas almost Christmas. Yippee. Yeah so I’m a fan of Christmas hehehe. As part of my traineeship, I am encouraged to support the operational part of the company and I decide to do exactly so on Monday and Tuesday. Lucky for me, this is a lot closer to home than the HQ is, so I can join a yoga class early tonight at 18.30. Feeling relaxed afterwards, but I do prefer the more active Vinyasa classes.

Type: Yin Yoga
Duration: 65 minutes


Christmas Eve! We celebrate it at my parents in law with delicious food and lovely presents. No time for sports today, but luckily I walked a lot today. A neat 7k is logged on my watch. Better than nothing I guess.

Rest, I guess?


The first run in six weeks! After brunch at my family, I put on my running shoes and an everlasting 5k later it’s done. I didn’t remember running being só hard… Good thing I have a few weeks to build up stamina and speed then.

Type: Running!
Duration: 28 minutes excluding warm up and cooling down
Distance: 5k


Another family visit, this time 90k from home. Doubted running there. Decided against it and sat my ass down in the car. No sports today 😦


I had strength training planned, but for some reason the day flies by and it’s late in the evening. I do some core exercises that wouldn’t impress anyone and call it a day. The Christmas laziness definitely didn’t do me any good though, tomorrow I should really find the time for a workout.


I doubt going for a run when I wake up. I want to, but my right calf doesn’t feel good so I decide to join Victor for a climbing session. He is secretly hoping I will give up running altogether to join him in his love for climbing. Maybe someday love… but not yet! We have a great time at the bouldering hall and finish with 20 minutes of core stability.

Type: Bouldering
Duration: 160 minutes including core training

Sunday – 29 December

When the alarm goes, I jump out of bed for a change! The sun is weak but definitely visible and rising. I can see the ice on the pond in front of our building. I LOVE THESE DAYS. Blue skies, sun and a crisp cold air. If it has to be winter, then this is what I would love every day. The planned 5k appears undoable due to an entirely cramped up right calf. It won’t get any better with stretching, warming it up or running, so I decide to stop at 4k. I better start improving soon because this bugs me. On the bright side, my mood is great because of the cold. We end the day with a visit to our favourite nephew and take him (and his parents) for a 4k walk. It was a good day 🙂

Type: Running
Duration: 24 minutes excluding extensive warm up to avoid injuries and a cooling down
Distance: 4k 😦

Ha I don’t think I have had such a low-active week ever (besides the occasional week when I’m too sick to move of course). I am glad I ran two times and even though it gets on my nerves that I seem unable to run further than 5k, I should have faith that it will get better. This was the last week of the decade! How odd!

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