My week in sports #2 2020

Still running! I am somewhat struggling to find a new sports rhythm and that sometimes results in me not having time for a workout even though I would like to do one. But as running does help me to feel good, I am accepting of the situation right now and try to stay confident that the rhythm will come back!

Monday – 6 January

Ergometer training today! I planned to do strength training, but the gym is totally overcrowded tonight so everything is occupied and accompanied by several people. Oh well. Rowing indoors also challenges all muscles, so it will do for tonight. After two blocks of 15 minutes, I commit to a block of core stability and stretching. Good training!

Type: Rowing on the erg
Duration: 2×15 minutes and 30 minutes of core training


Training with a different trainer tonight, Ary. We start with a warm-up around the block and do a pyramid run – but then the harder version of it. We do 800m-700m-600m-500m-600m-700m-800m and have 2 minutes of rest in between, of which one minute is used to jog. It’s tough but I can keep up with the guys and I feel good afterwards. We cool down with another 3k and then it’s time to go home and shower.

Type: Running!
Duration: 100 minutes
Distance: 9.35km


Rest day, even though I planned to hit the gym today. My knee hurts from the training yesterday and I am not sure if it’s just soreness or because I pushed a bit too hard. With my latest injury fresh in mind, I decide to be wise and take some rest. Sad… To make it a little less depressing, I commit to my core training at home for 15 minutes.


Track training again! I arrived at practice all soaked – for the third time that day because my biking trips to and from the hospital that morning felt like taking a shower outside as well (oh boy the rain in the Netherlands…). I still felt my knee when walking and biking, and my stomach was giving some push back, but I decided to use this practice as mental hardening for the marathon. It was raining cats and dogs and in no time, the track turned into a bath tub. NICE. After the warming up, the technical training gets shortened and we start the training. 4x1000m-300m. I set out to do at least half of the training, but as I ran, I decided to complete the training. I survived!

Type: Running
Duration: 90 minutes
Distance: 10.6km


Core training and stretching at home. My knee actually feels a little better, but not yet great and I have a dinner with friends right after work.


Yoga sounds like a good idea. I am a bit sore and I feel like some stretching and calming movements might help me. After 40 minutes on my mat, I feel a lot better and I decide to clean our entire house to put my renewed energy to good use. Love it!

Type: Vinyasa yoga at home
Duration: 40 minutes

Sunday – 12 January

Sunday Runday, and so I decide to do an easy run today to start getting used to running slow. Slower! Slower! Not my forté, or something I like… To make sure I build mileage every week in a good way, I can only increase the distance with 10% per week. That means that this week I shouldn’t exceed the 27km. I can fit in a 7.1k run today and stick to that rule of thumb. I end up doing a 7.5k that feels easy and slow. It is almost slow enough, so I’m happy!

Type: Running
Duration: 47 minutes
Distance: 7.5km

Not as much training as I had hoped (or planned), but I am not too disappointed. The running is on schedule and hopefully, my knees and legs will adapt to the new schedule. I do love track training, it really clears my mind and I always feel confident and revived after practice. Let’s hope it stays that way for ever and ever! I hope your week was good as well, and if you doubt about going or staying on the couch this week, just go! You will always feel better if you give it a try, even if it’s not as long as you planned!

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