Shoes review ASICS

The past weekend, Fleur and I went to London for the Winter Run (which got cancelled, but more on our solution for that in the next post). We took the opportunity to visit the ASICS Flagshipstore at Regent Street to try out the Metaride, the long distance buddy of the Glideride, my new favourite shoe. Curious about our experience? Keep on reading 🙂

First of all, that store is very pretty! The shoes are in the basement and it’s basically a walhalla for running shoes. The biggest advantage is the availability of treadmills to test the shoes as much as you would like. The girl who helped us was very friendly and provided us with some advice while we were testing.


This is my favourite shoe of all times. The curved sole really pushes you forward, even when you are just standing still and leaning towards your toes. That is exactly the selling point of the shoe. The cushioning is great and it feels so comfortable when you run, I’d never want to take them off. When you check the written information on the shoe, the website says you should feel the shoe to believe that it actually propels you forward.

I can tell you, it really does. But my friend Fleur got curious how that would feel and wanted to try them as well as I have been so enthusiastic about the shoe. She was sold immediately! Even days later, we are still talking about the effect of the curved sole. It’s funny how a toe-runner like me and a heel-runner like her can both be so excited about the same shoe.


When I told the helpful girl I was a big fan of the Glideride, she advised me to try on the Metaride, as I am training for a marathon. This is the long distance road running version of the Glideride and provides enhanced ankle support. The curve of the sole is still present and I took the shoes for a test drive.

Ooh these feel a little funny. The curve is still very comfortable and provides a soft landing and push forward every step I take. The girl explains how the shoe can be helpful for turning from heel to mid foot running, but will also provide a smooth landing for me as it does not stop me as much as my current speed shoes with a 0 drop and flat sole.

I needed some time to get used to the feeling, I think I can feel the opening in the sole at the beginning. After a while, it gets better and I start to enjoy the propel forward. The shoe is a bit more stiff, which makes sense for long distances. I think I need some more time to fall in love with this shoe, but my first experience is quite positive!

With a price tag of €250 the METARIDE is definitely not a cheap shoe, but for long distances it might be the difference you are looking for. The GLIDERIDE is a medium priced shoe with its €160 and does really add value over other shoes for me. I think it’s time to get my own pair!

They don’t mind if you want to test shoes in your regular clothes 🤓

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