My week in sports #2

I might not be running until the end of December for now, but that doesn’t mean that I am not working out at all! If anything, I am taking the chance to try out some new sports to build some strength and stamina for January. How did this week work out for me? (See what I did there?! Hehe…)

Monday – 9 December

Our new car is available! We were supposed to pick it up around noon but it got a little delayed until the evening, so I happily canceled my workout and joined my boyfriend to the Car Terminal in Amsterdam!


Obviously, we want to test drive the car after work, so once again the workout got canceled. Let’s hope the rest of the week leaves some more room for sports, right now I’m mostly sitting. But on the bright side, I love the car!


Wednesday used to be Bootcamp Fight day but SportCity has decided to move this class to 17.00. I am still at work then! What to do?! I love these bootcamp type of classes and I will have to find a replacement for the upcoming weeks. For now, I settle on a session on the elliptical. Gives me a chance to continue the Christmas movies…

Type: Low intensity elliptical
Duration: 60 minutes including a few minutes of stretching afterwards


Usually, Thursday is a rest day for me, but as Monday and Tuesday have been spontaneous rest days, I decide to go for a Supercycle class. It’s intense! We do a session of one hour with 5 major sprints and I get to push my heart rate to 92%. Feeling good (and tired!) afterwards.

Type: Supercycle interval
Duration: 60 minutes


I work from home on Fridays and usually I try to go for a workout in the morning or the afternoon but today I’m on a roll and before I know it, it’s six o’clock. Hmm. Maybe a quick session and then dinner? As it turns out, a friend of mine is also hitting the gym so we decide to go together. Much more fun than going alone!

Type: Cycling, rowing and core training
Duration: 35 minutes of biking indoor, 10 minutes on the erg and then 25 minutes of ab training (with some chatting in between, yes…)


I’ve set the alarm to go for a workout, but when it’s time to wake-up I realise I am not ready for that yet. My body needs some more rest and I decide to take another hour of sleep. That will cost me my workout, as we need to run some errands before I am meeting with a friend for the rest of the day and evening. Oh well. We had fun and I had some sleep. That’s a win as well.

Sunday – 15 December

Once again I did not feel ready when the alarm went off, but this time I kick myself out of bed and rush to the gym for another Supercycle session. It’s much busier than the Tuesday and Thursday sessions and I notice I am not entirely focused, I miss the cues for sprinting and getting out of the saddle twice! The guys make fun of me immediately and I am glad I went. Other than the focus thing, I’m feeling good and in the final sprint, my heart rate rises to 96%. That was a great session!

Type: Supercycle interval
Duration: 60 minutes

Looking back, it was an okay week with some satisfying workouts. I do feel like I should have a look at my schedule for this week. I don’t like last minute cancelling of workouts when I had some planned. The Supercycle classes have officially become my new favourites now that running is temporarily unavailable, how nice! I’ve decided that I will squeeze in two workouts again for this week, let’s see how that goes!

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