My week in sports #3

I might not be running until the end of December for now, but that doesn’t mean that I am not working out at all! If anything, I am taking the chance to try out some new sports to build some strength and stamina for January. How did this week work out for me? (See what I did there?! Hehe…)

Monday – 16 December

I have an appointment with my physical therapist and decide to go straight to the gym afterwards. I am uninspired and not particularly motivated to do strength training, so I hop on the ergometer. Even though I used to hate the rowing machine, I secretly kind of like it these days. I decide to go for 2×15 minutes and end my workout with 15 minutes of core training.

Type: Rowing
Duration: 45 minutes incl. core training


There’s Christmas drinks at the office but I am hoping to be back in time for my supercycle class at 20.30. After some time with my colleagues I see a chance to sneak out and I make it just in time for my workout. My favourite group of semi-old men is present as ever and I leave feeling recharged. My heart rate even peaked at 97%, but still feeling good!

Type: Supercycle interval
Duration: 60 minutes


Bootcamp Fight day! I decided to work from home today, and that gave me the chance to join the 17.30 class. It’s a small group today, probably because of the time slot. The training focuses on working through acidification, by making us do stuff like 3 minutes of squats, then immediately turning into 2 minutes of making your legs burn even more in squat pose and then finished by 4 minutes of kicking. IT BURNS. EVERYTHING BURNS. Walking and using my arms will be difficult tomorrow. As well as breathing. And you know, moving.

Type: High intensity interval kickboxing
Duration: 60 minutes including a few minutes of stretching afterwards


I am looking into training groups for my marathon training and I am invited to join one of the more competitive teams from Leiden Atletiek. They are doing a special event as it’s the last training of the year (and the decade…!) and I am asked to track 6 runners in their 10K relay race. Cool! I must admit that I really want to run again myself, let’s hope January everything feels good.


Driving to Cologne for a weekend with my Mom and my brother. Gosh I love our car :D. We walk around for 10k in the afternoon but I cannot find the time nor the place to do a proper workout. Maybe on Sunday I’ll find some time!


15k in Cologne, that’s a good score for today!

Sunday – 22 December

When the alarm goes, I cannot bring myself to get to the supercycle class so I unsubscribe and turn around in bed for another hour of sleep. Maybe I should go to bed earlier… When I wake up again, I feel much better and I consider going for a brief run. Okay it’s pouring. Maybe not today. We decide to go bouldering (climbing up to max 4 meters without a rope) in the evening and I have a great time. We end the evening with core training.

Type: Bouldering and core training
Duration: 110 minutes

Chaos this week! And it will only get worse as Christmas is right around the corner. Oh well, every workout that I can squeeze in is a win, and we’ll just pick it back up after the holidays!

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